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Delivery Information

Worldwide shipping.

ONE SHIPPING PRICE no matter how many prints you buy!

Shipping charges include shipping costs, handling fees & packaging costs. No extra shipping charge will be refunded.


Please DOUBLE CHECK the shipping address during checkout. The shipping address is copied onto the package as is, and I am not responsible for any spelling mistakes that may cause non-delivery. The item is always shipped to the shipping address that is shown on the ORDER to prevent fraud.


All of the orders include Tracking Number to ensure delivery. All  international orders are shipped via Standard Mail (with Tracking Number) to reduce the total price of your order. Please contact me BEFORE ordering if you need insurance or if you want the item to be shipped Express Mail or UPS. I will calculate the shipping costs.


Items shipped via Standard mail service (with a proof of shipping such as a detailed post office receipt) and lost in the transit are considered delivered and these orders are not refundable.


Please contact me BEFORE ordering if you need an item for a specific date.


Estimated shipping times:

to USA and Canada -2-3 weeks

to Europa - 1-2 weeks to most countries;

to Australia - 3-4 weeks.

You can trace where is your package here


Standard international shipments could take up to 2-3 weeks to arrive depending on the Customs clearance time of your country. Buyers are responsible for Duty, Customs or Royal fees. I will be responsible for export custom declaration and documents and you will be taking care of the local custom duty and import tax if there is any.

PLEASE NOTE: Customs duty is an obligation and liability of a citizen in your country, so every international buyer should be responsible for any tax and custom duty incurred. Generally, the delay or failed delivery is often caused by the policy of different customs. Therefore, please double check your local customs policy carefully before purchase. I CAN NOT be responsible for any failed delivery that was related to the destination customs issue.

As a Seller, I promise to fulfill my obligations to make and ship your order on time (or even faster), but I cannot be responsible for any delays caused by post services (including customs). Please refer to the official website of the postal service to check for possible delay reasons such as inclement weather, forest fires, strikes etc.

Please note that prior to holidays the post offices almost in all countries are overloaded and the parcel delivery time sufficiently exceeds the normal delivery time.
Please do not leave the purchase of gifts for your beloved ones untill the last minute. Place your orders in advance.